Oct 29, 2010

Ragged Mountain - a photo essay

Enjoy Camden's Ragged Mountain from many angles & seasons.  Photos by Janis Gilley
The ancient values of dignity, beauty and poetry which sustain it are of Nature’s
inspiration; they are born of the mystery and beauty of the world.
Henry Beston
Ragged Mountain Wildflowers

Only by going alone in silence can one truly get into heart of the wilderness.
John Muir
Slowly up the hill like a thicket of wildflowers, forever is coming. Mary Oliver
I would rather be sad in Maine than happy anywhere else.  EB White
Ski lift in late summer
Sunrise on Ragged Mountain
Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf.
Aldo Leopold
At dawn its majesty is almost painful to behold. That same prehistoric look. The look of
always Nature smiling in the mirror of eternity.  Henry Miller
Ski Time on Ragged Mountain
Tobogganing on Ragged Mountain
Tobogganing on Ragged Mountain 2
Tubing on Ragged Mountain
Ragged Mountain: the birds of winter
Photos by Janis Gilley


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ron and Friends of Ragged Mountain, for the lovely pictures.
As summer residents of Danforth, we have a full ridgetop sunset view of the Stetson turbines. I have a developed a "rule of thumb" about viewing large industrial wind turbines from a distance:
Hold your thumb horizontally at arms length and look at the thing with one eye; if the turbine appears approximately as tall as your thumb is thick, it is about a mile away from you, and you will probably hear its noise when there is a some wind. When there is no wind (a common condition for inland sites) there is no noise. The turbines are not making power, but its owners continue to collect tax benefits, etc. from our government. That's life.
Thanks again all that you do to keep these boondoggles from even being built.
Harry Roper

Anonymous said...

Great site.
Great to see more communities organized in the fight to save our heritage,lands,wildlife, the environment and even ourselves from commercial destruction sanctioned by greed.

Lexington, ME

Ron Huber said...

Thank you for the "rule of thumb" Harry, and to you DLM for your supportive message.

alice barnett said...

how many thumbs block out red, strobing light at night?