Sep 13, 2009

Sears Island: what NMFS said in 1995

From National Marine Fisheries Service "Habitat Happenings" December 1995

Port Facility a Serious Threat to Habitat:
NMFS Recommends Alternative Location
NMFS' Northeast Region reviewed the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for a proposal by tjhe Maine Department of Transportation to construct a new 95 acre port facility on Sears Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine. The project would result in substantial adverse effects to eelgrass beds, tidal flats, shellfish habitat, and freshwater wetlands and wildlife habitat on Maine's largest undeveloped island. Over 200 people attended the recent public hearing for the project, which included about 130 speakers and lasted more than nine hours.

The deputy regional director read a prepared statement at the hearing, saying the Sears Island proposal "would be one of the most damaging coastal development projects to occur in New England since modern environmental standards went into effect in the 1970s."

Habitat Happenings is a monthly summary of projects undertaken by the National Marine Fisheries Service hHabitat Conservation Division.

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