Jun 22, 2009

GOM WindRush wannabes speak at Samoset - audio recording

The Great Gulf of Maine Gold Rush/Wind & Tide Rush is on. Venture capitalists want to lease vast areas of the GOM & its tidal rivers for lunar energy extraction. Listen to extraction innovators they would finance. They brought their ideas on hitting up Nature for wind, wave, tidal, current, thermal and solar juice, to EnergyOcean09 held 6/18/ 09 at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine.

State & fed regulators too, showcased their new products, especially Interior Dept's offshore renewable energy program /

There was also a report by the MMS' s senior marine biologist Donna M. Schroeder of the Minerals Management Service that finds likely no impact to Gulf of Maine from 1,000s of power towers & cables, beyond more vertical habitat bringing in a different ecological group of species that are attuned to offshore pilings.

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