Jan 15, 2009

Sears Island: Danger ahead! Appeasement never works.

Giving away 2/3 of Sears Island is not going to satisfy the hunger of Sierra Club and the land trusts to control the public island. If the  Legislature gives in to Baldacci and lets itself be reversed: NO PORT.


Anonymous said...

Ron, are YOU in favor of a port on Sears Island?

Ron Huber said...

Not at all. But neither am I in favor of privatization of the island into the hands of (for present) Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Public land needs to stay public. It is not to be given away to ANY private company, be it land trust or containerport operator.

Or both. That is the Clubbies' central sin:
they KNOW that the granting of a conservation easement will automatically trigger the mitigation bank that will use that easement as sufficient resources saved to compensate for destroying the bay's most important nursery shoal and anadromous fish hangout.

The legal logic of the state is "We've saved these 600 acres in perpetuity, so now we can go destroy up to that many acres of eelgrass and saltmarsh, and pay for it with the credits for saving the first 600

Sierra Club is okay with that. Not me!

Moreover the Sierra Club,along with MCHT are pledged to help develop and fragment the northeast quadrant of the island for the environment and transportation education center, and its parking lots, streetlights, the whole sad works.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, public land needs to stay public. If you look across the country you will see the same BS. So called environmental groups are used as cover to take land for conservation and then a few years down the road this will be flipped to developers and a certain few will benefit. We need to take a stand. Urgent measures are needed expose this fraud.