Oct 31, 2007

Sears Island Joint Use Committee met, sets 341 acres aside for future port.

By Tanya Mitchell VillageSoup/Waldo County Citizen Reporter

SEARSPORT (Oct 31): The Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee learned the basics of creating a document that would spell out how the island will be used in the future at its meeting Friday, Oct. 26.

As a result of the April 12 consensus agreement that came out of the Sears Island Planning Initiative Steering Committee meetings, 341 acres will be set aside for development of a future port, while 600 acres are earmarked for recreation/conservation purposes.

Along with fixing the boundary line to reflect that land division between the state Department of Transportation and those interested in keeping the island open for conservation, the JUPC is charged with drafting a conservation easement to make the land-share arrangement work for both parties.

The next JUPC meeting is slated for Thursday, Nov. 15. Read full story

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