Apr 24, 2007

Maine eels! Protect them lest they go extinct!

Come to the state legislature Wednesday April 25th at 1pm. and speak about "An Act To Protect Native Diadromous Fish during Their Migration"

Eels are vanishing from Maine waters. Maine DEP knows that power turbines and other impacts are the reason why, but shirks its responsibility to protect. This bill both clamps shut major loopholes that let the power industry get away with turning eels to mincemeat AND gives citizens the right to stand up for the eels.

Details below from Friends of Merrymeeting Bay Contact Ed Friedman @ 666-3372 or email at edfomb@gwi.net

"PLEASE COME & TESTIFY Wednesday April 25th 1pm.

WHAT: Joint Public Hearing before two legislature committees at once: Marine Resources and Natural Resources.

WHERE: Room 214, Cross Office Building Augusta

Bill summary from FOMB: This bill requires that dams in this State in all classifications of fresh and estuarine surface waters must provide safe and effective upstream and downstream passage for indigenous diadromous fish. Diadromous fish are those that migrate from fresh to sea water or sea water to fresh water and are known as anadromous and catadromous fish, such as alewives, shad and salmon. It also provides a process for any person to bring a civil action against violators of the requirements.

WHY The BEP is headed towards a probable abdication of its responsibilities in their response to our petitions. It's up to the legislature to hear our cry and that of our fish and fishermen.

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