Feb 7, 2007

Feb 14th legis ponder Kennebec migratory fish restoration, reimbursing Commercial Safety Councilors, limit mahogany quahog fishery to boat owners

Wednesday: Feb 14th 1:00 pm PH
Room 214, Cross State Office Building

Public Hearing on Marine related Bills

LD# 324-Resolve to Require the Dept. of MAR to Report on Results on Anadromous Fish Restoration on the Kennebec River System

257-A/A to Allow Expense Reimbursement for the Commercial Fishing Safety Council

156-A/A to Require All Holders of Mahogany Quahog Licenses to Operate Their Own Vessels When Fishing for Quahogs (concept draft)

More info: Veronica Snow, Marine Resources Committee Clerk Tele: 207-287-1337

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