Mar 27, 2005

Dragon Huggers: read this, look at these:

Ah, the Dragon-huggers!

Neighbors sue dragon in federal court

Do they understand that it's not counting coup on the company, it's solving a simple problem.....It helps to consider this in a larger context. The ol' seven generations mode works well: unearth the environmental legacies--positive detrimental and neutral--of the 3 generations preceeding ours, couple that with our own contributions, benign, restorative and/or destructive, and try to crystal ball from those what the likely outcomes will be for the Maine of our great grandkids if we take one action or another. Or no action.
Dragon Cement products and its two drainages

So, you tot up what's been done, dumped and dischargd at that site--from quarrying to cement making to dust "stockpiling"--from great grandpa's time to now, and then triage out what it is technically and economically realistic for this magnificent economic engine, its product so fundamental to our way of life, to do to minimize and reduce, even end, the uncontrolled movement of its wastes offsite, be it above ground or below. To think otherwise it to hold that is okay to salt the area wells and springs with lead, arsenic and the rest of the chemicals and elements that make up Dragon's Brew. Read letters and memos from Maine DEP to Dragon about its poor potty training

The point of the photo and document links is to show that when you have an uncapped pile of this kind of material, (1) erosion happens, and when it does, (2) leachate (CKD tea) is produced, and (3) (here you must go to the writings of the state geologist) leachate pooled on the surface of a heavily fractured bedrock formation leaks into that formation and enters the groundwater, (4) groundwater reenters the surface world in springs, seeps, and wells, as well as percolating into either of the two rivers flanking the plant.

See the eroding waste piles at Dragon.
& More erosion
Then take a look at the contaminated runoff leaching into Thomaston groundwater & even more contaminated water .


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