Dec 3, 2004

Feds feeding New England's Ivory Lighthouses

Nov 29 04 But what about dealing with the sea squirts fouling Georges Bank?.....In
today's Federal Register
the National Marine Fisheries Service announces that the
New England Fishery Mgmt Council (NEFMC) is holding a public meeting of its Research Steering Committee on Dec 14, 04, (with committee recommendations brought to
the full NEFMC for formal consideration and action, if appropriate.)

They are going to "consider experimental fishery
permit requests and develop related comments for consideration by the
NEFMC and Regional Administrator. They will continue discussions on
2005 research priorities, particularly in relation to the long-term
programs currently underway in the Northeast such as the cod tagging,
study fleet and industry-based survey initiatives. They will also
coordinate comments on final reports that have been funded through
NMFS' cooperative research program and begin to develop a consistent process
for the various research set-aside programs provided for in the NEFMC
fishery management plans." More info at the above hyperlink.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that the council has any clear isea about what to do.
-The Sender

---***--- said...

Well then we ought to inform them, eh?